October 17th, 2005

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Hacking vBulletin

Just installed an IRC chat hack on the Horizon's vBulletin forums. To be honest, I don't see how 'hacking' is such a big/time consuming process deal that Gaffer made it out to be. If it's done right (i.e. if you read the instructions or know what you're doing....) it shouldn't take that much time.

I don't know how he spends hours installing a SINGLE hack. Probably doesn't read the instructions.

Granted, there are bigger hacks out there, so I shouldn't be patting myself on the back just because I didn't seem to screw up this once. but if things are working, yeah...
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Ok.. I've been thinking (as usual... heh) the situation with Gaffer. I can't say I'm beating myself up over things there. Far from it actually. But I'm not all smug about it either. I'm not sitting here all high and mighty about this. Now comes the analyzing bit, that I spoke about in my 'Learning from Negativity' aritcle. why did it happen? Was I right to do what I did in the end? Could I have done anything to change the outcome?

The answer to the first question is outlined somewhere in my LiveJournal, under memories: rants. where I specifically rant about him. Answer to the other two questions is below perhaps... or maybe not... you folks out there who have been following the 'drama' so to say, what do you think? I know what Dan thinks on this, pretty much, and I'm quite inclined to agree there...

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Whilst yes, he's pushed too far over the months, it'll take time for him to realise it, and I sincirely hope he'll realise it at some stage.(Ma'chello for one does wonder how i could stand Gaff for so long and not snap...I guess I keep thinking "he'll change, things will get better" which yeah.. they will.. just not yet) I do have problems with how he does things, I don't hoard any bad feelings towards him. If I did, I'd tell it to his face. I did to an extent, but apparently nobody was home.... I don't know when someone will be home... must've lost the keys or wandered off somewhere....

mhm.. I don't think he has a clue about anything really... even himself...'s hope he gets a clue at some stage....I've done all I could to salvage things, for now all I can do is stand back and let him take a fall hard on his face to learn this kind of thing the hard way...

God knows how hard I've tried to aid him, and how patient I've been with all this in the last half a year. But even my patience has its limits.
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