September 22nd, 2005

Gibbs pondering

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Mhmm.. still up... and on the computer doing three things at once. Editing my articles, talking to a few folks on IRC and writing an e-mail to TF folks. I kinda jump from one thing to another when i get stuck on one thing. I get too restless if i'm just working on ONE thing. go figure

For some reason I can't really get into 'the Brethren' yet..gonna give it a few more chapters then see what happens.

and second person noted I look like Meg Ryan.. O.o Derr...I dunno
Daniel research


Mhmm.... catching up on CELTA stuff... well really just the English grammar stuff. I really recomment folks read Michael Swan's "Practical English Usage" and Bill Bryson's "Troublesome Words" you'd be amazed at how many words we think are right, actually aren't gramatically correct.

Wanted to dig around the uni's databases, but I forgot my password...D'oh. and since I never write them down....
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