September 21st, 2005

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Working late shifts at the library lately. I kinda like them, the ride back home is usually quiet and less traffic to Sharjah around 9pm. Today however came back late, because it was singing night ^ I was actually contemplating sitting out this season, considering I got CELTA coming up in November, and this is my last semester, plus StudenTalk , and TF stuff...but after going there tonight, I dont' think I can stay away. I'll just have to see if I can fiddle with my schedule and such.

Might have to pass on some of my Operations duties onto other team members, too. I can't do a full fledged Operations job this season, considering i'll most likely sit out most of the concerts at the beginning of December due to CELTA; then again I might now, but that's still shaky. so I have to have a back up plan.
Daniel lost/sad, looking over shoulder (the light)

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Read for about 2 hours, slept for 3... got one helluva headache right about now...

Still functioning, although my grammar and spelling abilities are about shot outta the window.. I'm rambling way too much. Noticed that when I was trying to edit my own article for StudenTalk and isntead of cutting down a sentence I added an entire paragraph... O.o not that length-wise I got limits for that particular column. I got one page for Cynically Yours, whilst for the other one it's ok if it goes onto two or more pages, as long as it doesn't go on and on...

Evening shift at work, then I gotta hit the books for the weekend; at least the Java books. HCI I just have the slides, but I went over the first chapter already in the library the other day.
Jack: attitude

Stupid library patrons

... well should really blame the instructors for sending their students down here for a query we don't even deal with. C'mon seriously!

and they go and give me attitude "but he said we get it here, so it must be true" yeah but, no... oy,... you believe everything you hear?
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Raised eyebrows (eh-wha?)


Just got told I look like Meg Ryan... whether the guy was hitting on me, or not I don't know... Heh...
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