September 13th, 2005

Daniel not sure

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Going on... I've lost count how long i've not slept for already...and not that i'm goofing off, heh. did lots of spare parts sorting and packing for clients today given that parents aren't here, so I kinda have to take over what mom usually does. that went on all righr, except I just had a chance to fully sit down and sort stuff out just now, since like..midday or thereabouts...

Sent off a considerable amount ot cargo though. and am not really tired right now, albeit that pizza i had for dinner isn't sitting right with me, i keep thinking I'm going to throw up because that's how it kinda feels like... X_x
Daniel lost/sad, looking over shoulder (the light)

Emotional confusion...

I've not cried in quite some time, but hoo boy.. right now :: shakes head :: not entirely sure why.

Though 'ey i got quite a number of questions and thoughts floating around my head not making much sense right now...
Gibbs no idea

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I'll be darned if i knew why some things happen. if i knew ... but on the other hand, it woudln't be such a learning experience if i knew in advance.

Life doesn't have to make sense in order to happen. Life's...that way at times.

Still not quite sure why exactly I spent a good hour or so crying. whether it was something someone said to me, or lack of sleep the last few days, or something else. who knows at this stage. All of the above? maybe. maybe not.

Right now, given that I don't know. I'm giving it to someone who does know. He doesn't have to tell me, He doesn't have to clue me in, but He'll help me anyway. Already has, in fact, given I'm not really 'upset' per se.

I don't know what I am, but it's not really upset or depressed or anything of that sort. Go figure.

Be nice to know what it is though. Aside a learning experience...
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Daniel bed looking up


I passed C++...^^

All I can say is -- > about bloody time....should be a happier occasion I guess, but given that I've not slept well since Friday, and a couple of other things I think I'm at the apathetic stage of things right now.

Dammit I miss work...going back tomorrow, should relax me some.

Maybe that's it too.. O.o scary as that might sound/look. Library withdrawal... i miss work... course if you're a workaholic and love your job so much... could very well contribute to a few things here...

Whole bunch of things I bet...whole... huge.. bunch of things...
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Chorus resumed today.. I didn't go. Kinda apathetic over some things right now.

Mostly just making my way though things an hour at a time. Think the signs of lack of sleep are showing. Heh.

Not had coffee today either. yes... you heard me.. not had coffee today. can pick your jaw off the floor now...

I can't sleep... X_X not when Darky's at home and awake anyway. weird that. or maybe not.. parents should be back Friday; college starts back up on Saturday... vacation? yeah.. right..

So far schedule looks like afternoon classes Monday to Wednesday. *but* CELTA stuff in November from 1230 to 2030, am not fully sure how I'm going to manage that. BUt I'll figure something out somewhere along the line I'm sure.

Or something...mhm.. yes.. something...
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