September 1st, 2005

Daniel looking up

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Tablet's takes time getting used to. Wee bit of a battery guzzler though. Thing works like a mouse hehe.. though I had trouble connecting it today at first. Bluetooth's being weird, but at least it's got wires so I can plug that in if I ever get too frustrated with things.

My mom thought it was a table.... O.o Yes mom.. I need another table on top of my table....

But the thing's neat ^^

They've raised the gas prices over here... about $2 a gallon now for the cheaper one, the other one's about a buck more. But that's expected considering all that's going on out there right now. And whoever says Middle East has the cheapest gas prices, bull. We don't. Maybe slightly cheaper than some places, but nowhere near 'peanuts' and 'dirt cheap' as some people think.

Good thing my xA is quite economical that way. I had to refuel my Jeep two times a week and I was only going to and from uni/work/home. and each refueling put me back something along the lines of $25 (was barely covering that with my wages); my xA only gets refueled once a week (if that) and it only costs me $10 to fill up the entire tank. Course now it's gonna cost more, but eh.. life's like that... they're raising prices on everything here slowly... (as if some prices can go any higher... new books alone are a murder on the pocket book >.<)
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