August 30th, 2005

Gibbs glare 2

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Work was rather all right, one of the librarians was supposed to come back off her holiday today, but she didn't... so Steph's covering for her and she's not all that pleased bacuse she did 12 hours straight yesterday. Jane forgot to mention she had a doctor's appointment yesterday, so...and they knew I had a final yesterday so I could only come in after it , not early in the morning.

So Steph was a bit peeved today because she's covering for Saba tonight, and the crowd of patrons not enough to warrant two librarians there in the evening, so I couldn't stay. Nor could I do a closing shift on my own, because technically speaking I'm not a certified librarian and they can't leave things on me like that according to the university policy implemented with the accreditation bit. (stupid local accrediation...due to that i had my hours cut down earlier on too..)

Hopefully tomorrow'll be least we got some books processed today. Next week or two will be hectic... new semester preparation, we gotta prod the lecturers for subject outlines to put the textbooks into Close Reserve... Apparently some lecturers think we can read minds and we know all so we can guess which text book they're using in class...