August 17th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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I went to bed with a headache last night, woke up with a stuffed nose and a sore throat once again.. *shaaakes head* can't win.. heh.. but at least that seemed to have gone by the time I left for work

Typical day at work.. heh.. shifted a lot of the books in 658 section to make space for the HR stuff, 4 shelves just weren't enough, with all the books we got on the subject now..... ><

been researching stuff for CELTA, namely lecturing techniques. Although I possibly won't need to concentrate that much on there, but I think knowing how to present the material is as important as WHAT to present. Will probably feed off of my experiences in presenting stuff for most part, but I'm just curious to know some of things and techniques that lecturers might use....

Always interesting to know some of that stuff ^^ and see how much of that ISN'T applied here... >.