August 7th, 2005

Daniel bed looking up

Morning stuff

Wonderful.. managed to catch a cold and get an upset stomach.. X_x ... got this feeling in my stomach that I'm going to throw up.. nearly did earlier on, but I think me lying down for a bit helped calm that down.

I've got too much to do today to get sick, TYVM.... >.<

Daily morning routine now includes sending out mail to folks related to TF17. Heh. Though it'll take a while to beat 3 e-mails to the mailing list regarding folks submitting their reports on time, watching the typos on their site and recruiting stuff. and 2 page and a half long ones to the TFCO/senior staff. Though I constantly prod the TFCO to get stuff done (part of my job :D though there's no official job description, but throwing out ideas to help improve the TF is part of things)

Sore throat.. wheee...

Need my coffee...I'se do...
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Surprised/looking back

Oopsy.. where'd the time go ?

Man.. talk about time sneaking up on you. Or rather you rearely opening up your organizer to see what week you're in.. LOL

My schedule this month is fairly simple and although I put the scheduled stuff in there, I don't have the need to look at it every day now (although that's what I usually do, take a gander in there at the beginning of the day to see what's up on my agenda for the day) and I know not doing so now, kinda misses the point of having an organizer, but it's summer. Stuff's a tad lighter :P hence me reading a lot of novels. I don't usually read during the semester if stuff's hectic.

I can remember the schedule in my mind now , so it's not like I need to look it up. But hooboy... took a look in there today, and it's week nine. one more week and then finals... mine's set on the 29th August. I better hit the books and stop reading novels...

Heh.. dangit.. time flies.. on the other hand it doesn't during the early morning lectures... X_X especially if the guy speaking up front isn't sure of the material he's supposed to be teaching. Doing Binary Trees and geez.. the guy looks like he just read the material this morning. Keeps second guessing himself every step of the way.

"This is how you traverse the tree using inorder traversal" :: steps back:: "no wait...that can't be right ::erase, write stuff again:: there...or maybe not ::Erase again:: " Whu... dude?! STOP CONFUSING THE HECK OUT OF PEOPLE! These little things matter a great deal! it's like you either cut the leg off or the heart.. makes one heckuva difference doesn't it?!

Gibbs smirk


Yay Showtime got fixed just in time for me to tape NCIS :D

::does a jig::

oh and.. heh.. dug up a meme whilst looking for NCIS Quotes

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Congratulations! You are most like Special Agent
Leroy Jethro Gibbs! You are a right old
bastard but you never fail to come through when
it counts. You may very well be addicted to
caffeine and sawdust, but we don't blame you.
The world needs more leaders like you!

Which NCIS Character Are You?
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Nope, didn't cheat ^ I think it's the coffee and the blunt sarcastic things.. heh