July 31st, 2005

Gibbs glare

Road rants

Aighty.... I'm really getting annoyed with all the construction going on around here... it's ridiculous that DETOURS have detours now! >.< Not to mention all them huge trucks on the roads blocking traffic everywhere...

Dubai and especially Jumeirah used to be such a nice place a few years ago. I mean Dubai now has so much smog and crud from all the trucks you can see how environmentally friendly we are....

Now everywhere you go it's like construction here, construction there, everything's blocked off, take a detour here, take another one there. A ten minute trip takes nearly an hour >.< And you're never sure if you're going to go by the same road twice in one day at times. And they dont' really tell you much that it's blocked off up ahead, until it's actually blocked off, and the sign's right there "Sorry road closed" Bubba, couldn't tell me that 3miles ago?! so I wouldn't have to turn that way in the first place? Is it really too much to ask for???

P.S. I need more Gibbs icons.....
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Daily rambles, library stuff mostly

Changed my wallpaper.. and for a change it's not a Daniel Jackson one LOL. It's a Gibbs one. Gotta have variety, really ^^

Made labels for my folders, finally. Now I know what's where exactly and it looks all organized like it should. Dang, my librarian streak's kickin' in at home.. just wait until I start cataloguing my books...

speaking of library, re-arranging stuff there, and getting rid of older materials. I think I on my own got rid of about a hundred journals today. we're making space for books, our 800 - 999 section is getting a tad tight, because of all the niew 813.54 books we've been buying this summer.

Plus we're putting out the videos into the main collection so that's 791.4 - 799 pretty much and that takes up a bit of shelf space. mostly 791.4372 although some 791.4572s too... shelf space gettin' tight ^ I got the work cut out for me next time I'm in ! But I love this sorta stuff, organizing ^^ hehe.. although my wrists may not like it that much so I'll have to be careful...
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