July 30th, 2005

Intrepid lost

One ship Posting spree?

Man I'll be darned if I try to write two posts for ONE ship simultaneously! But at least it's an attempt to get things moving on the Horizon.

Am not really that tired ... I think I'm just going to go read 'the Last Juror' want to see if I can finish it tomorrow. still have about two hundred paged to go through.
Raised eyebrows (eh-wha?)

Trash TV

You know I could never understand why shows like Ricki Lake, Maury and all stay popular... I mean all the 'stories' there are about people sleeping with other people... soap opera on it's own there!

"I have a secret to tell you, and it really breaks my heart...but...I slept with your cousin and your kids may not be yours"

"oh that's okay I slept with your best friend and may have fathered her kid"


I think that's where the soap operas get their 'plot ideas' from...

Okay.. if it REALLY breaks your heart.. why go on national TV to let the whole white world know it? Especially in something like this, wouldn't it be better to tell your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend in PRIVATE, as this IS kinda a private matter?!?

And I'm not even going to start on the whole cheating deal...why don't they run shows on families/people who DON'T run around and cheat?! But no, that's not good is it...? that's 'not exciting enough'

Sheesh...made a mistake by switching on my TV to TV Land which had Maury on... :: shaaakes head ::
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