July 29th, 2005


Is it really nearly three am?

oh my.. guess what I've been doing.. LOL

And you know, I had a thought I should turn in early today.. lost track of time..and in the end didn't really want to go... heehee...probably because Dan was on and off being pummeled with chores so he couldn't just stay and talk, until like a few hours ago...

managed to exchange a few emails though. that sorta made up for the time we missed chatting. :)

In other news: PATH stuff is going on okay so far. Thus far I'm in the Foreign Languages and the English rooms. For those who don't know what I'm rambling on about, check the site out at http://www.pathwhelp.org/ be useful for college/school students.
Hands/eyes up


Heh.. got dragged out by parents.... didn't want to go, but did in order to avoid a family fight in regards to me being on the computer instead of hanging out with family... >.< eh.. went to like three shopping malls.. Oy vey..

Kicking myself in the rear for slacking off the past two weeks and not posting ANYWHERE! Bad Jessie bad! though granted I have an excuse ...hehehe.. sorta.. heheehe

So I'm writing up some things now.. or trying to anyway... ^^
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