July 27th, 2005

Big Smile


Just talked to Dan for a couple of hours no less. Aside exchanging 3 long-ish e-mails today. Somehow makes me feel confident that I'll get over my past and move on. Very confident at that.

I got this warm and fuzzy feeling inside me now. Sporting a big grin. Something tells me I'm going to sleep well tonight.

:: hugs and snuggles to her Daniel before scooting off to bed ::
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No coffee

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And my MSN's being a twit for some reason :: slaps :: MSN and Hotmail actually... bummer...

C++ mid-term today was... ehrm...20 MCQs, 4 programming questions. At this stage all I really care about is just passing the dang thing >.<

Work was fun.. we're finally putting the Videos into the main collection instead of keeping them in the drawers. We got the secure cases today. tad of a handful that one, we gotta move stuff on the shelves. Lots of shelves....

And why is everything crashing on me today?! O.o AIM crashed twice, MSN won't even login, FireFox crashed a few times. Word crashed when I was trying to safe something.. ::mutters:: no spyware on here though, I've scanned it.. not sure about virii though.. Avast! didn't say anything, so...
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