July 22nd, 2005

Daniel looking up

Twitterpated? Who's in whose head exactly...?

*note swear word edited to keep the content 'clean' , but I found this funny enough to post in here...almost scary in fact, me and Dan thinking along the same lines here...

[Ro_Wolfe] I just have 2 say this 'London ROCKS' oh and a big F U to all terorists :-D
[00:11:01] [DrDanielJackson] none of them are here to hear you though.. ;)
[00:11:04] [Taylor] Because there are obviously terrorists to listen in here ;)
[00:11:12] [DrDanielJackson] Dan out of my head :P
[00:11:14] [Taylor] Outta my head Jess ;)
[00:11:17] [DrDanielJackson] ROFL
[00:11:23] [DrDanielJackson] You first ;)

Dan you still in my head? Comfy enough there? :P Want a pillow?
Talk to the hand

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Wondering where I picked up Adware from.. O.o it wasn't letting me connect to MSN today, I checked Task Manager and bingo, see a few hinky things on there. Run Spybot and Ad-Aware, find an Adware generator in there. Wonder how it got in...? Could've been during the few moments I've had to use IE to check out a PATH site/Java client. But eh, either way it's gone now and MSN's working.

Read about a hundred pages of 'the Firm' today. (and nearly spelt that "the Forum" too.. O.o) have an urge to dig up a DVD to watch the movie now...though usually the book is better than the movie, so.. eh.. who knows.. though I really should be cramming C++ now, but at this stage the darned thing is driving me nuts the second I open a book, because it is starting to look like complete gibberish! Even the bits I could understand before... how does that one work exactly?! Derr...

I think I should lay off putting soya sauce on everything in my food.. O.o drink way more water after that, but suppose it's a good thing.. hydration and all...

Need to tweak up my CELTA stuff and send it off tomorrow, she won't see it until Sunday anyway, but yeah.

Dan's not around, folks dragged him off somewhere I think.. bugger... :-/