July 20th, 2005

Daniel smile

Oooh.. :D

hugs to taylord1 for providing me with webspace to toy around with the chorus website until I get the domain and hosting sorted out. Need to give myself a kick in the rear to launch the dang thing by September officially,

Of course hugs to Dan for a lot of other things too ;-) Like putting a smile on my face. Making me feel happy everyday and everytime I read an e-mail from him or see him online or talk to him or get an SMS from him.

Dan, you're a shining star in my life.

And no I'm not longet twitterpated :P
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One more try

:: hugs Dan-o for the e-mail ::

I am no longer twitterpated! Er.. what's the next step after twitterpated? :: scratches head::
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Daniel smile


[Taylor] Darkness instantly turns to light when you say hi, or when I think about you

Powerful words....I'm still finding it hard to believe I can have this sort of an effect on someone.

Yeah grinning like a looney here :D
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