July 19th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Yep. Met with Louise again. This time I've shown her the pre-interview task that I've done. (aside half of one of the parts and another bit where I need to expand on) She was quite impressed, so whoo hoo! ;D

Going to be a highly intensive course, one i wouldn't want to slack off in.. X_x it's only four weeks though, so that's okay I guess. oughta be fun. I've been reading up on grammar and stuff.

Right wrist calmed down some, but now my left one's starting to act up... buggerit.... got trouble keeping my pinkie straight, feels more comfortable when it's bent. So that's the hand in a fist right now pretty much, aside two fingers. Dang it.. I can't win.. lol. I think it's just me carrying the heavy stuff around at work (books... been moving the law section again, can't they write any thicker books?! Geez)
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