July 15th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Another mail from Dan in my inbox. :: smiles :: I like starting my days like that. Makes me smile and feel like I can do anything I want right now. Especially after reading his words.
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Daniel not sure

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dusted and cleaned up my room today. That kinda set off my allergies for a wee bit but got that under control quite quickly. Eyedrops.. hehe

Right wrist's about ready to give up, but at least I'm not typing too badly...yet... and no.. not about to scoot off because of that (Talking to Dan-o) though I did leave earlier last night (like 2 am.. hehe) because i started horribly typo-ing words and my wrist was complaining rather loudly...

moved some stuff around, rearranged my work area a bit better. more space, wahey!

Think my A/C's shot... it's on and all, but it's not cooling off anything... ::mutters::

I drink too much water... :-/ well maybe not, second 1Liter bottle today... not counting a few cans of Mt Dew...and *gasp* shock horror *gasp* I've not had any coffee today!

!blame Taylor
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