July 14th, 2005

Daniel smiling (green bg)

Oh wow..

Woke up at eight am to find an e-mail from Dan in my inbox. He's so considerate. Waiting for me until I sort my feelings and emotions and issues out because he knows this is technically my first time dealing with something like this on a personal level.

The more we talk, the more we chat, the more we e-mail and SMS eachother, it just seems it's drawing us closer together and it seems more right with each step taken. Yet we're both giving eachother space to sort out our own issues. It's a mutual feeling really.

It's like.. we don't have any urges to hold back when we talk. We're being honest with eachother and we trust eachother. And those two things are a very important factor in any relationship. Honesty and trust.

It seems so fast, but it seems just the right pace.
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