July 11th, 2005

Daniel looking up

Ok I get the point... (maybe...)

okay thought a good night's rest will do wonders for my wrist... think again... it's even worse.. O.o third finger's on the way to 'don't use me' land...i had to take off my watch and rings, as it hurts my wrist and hand otherwise. Geez... silly wrist... quit being such a pain in the mik'ta! grr...

hoping it's just strained muscles, nothing more. sure feels like that, heh... gonna have to stay off of it today, so gotta take it slightly easier on things today. and dang, I gotta do a C++ proggy that;s due Wednesday. eh.. can still type with my left hand, just not as fast....well left hand and two fingers on my right, but the thumb's kinda useless anyway, no biggie pressing the spacebar with the left one. So it's really just one finger on my right wrist... bummer...
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Daniel listening

Silly man...hehehe

Gawd my ribs hurt! been talking to Dan again, since about 2230. laughing too hard. He's so funny. Guess that's his way of being on the re-bound. laugh, joke, make people laugh. It's good.. very healthy as well.

At one point he put himself in "away mode" then spent about ten minutes talking to me over a private message, then came back from away mode in-channel and goes "nuts forgot to go AFK" LOL..this is the guy who walked into a lamp post earlier on whilst looking at the scenery!
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