July 7th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

London's 9/11 - 7/7

Yeah.. so... London's turn.. what next? Now they're going to try 'free' more of Middle East or something... Al Quaeda in-turn will try to take out more civilians from countries that are aiding the US.

and you know what's more irritating is that they're doing this to innocent people who don't really have a say in political issues as much as the big bozos in the office would. sure people elect them, but after that it'a hardly the people's word and wishes that the bozos take on; oh no they got their own agenda to go by.

Then there's the whole 'we're following a better religion than you' principle that Al Quaeda lives on. Let me tell you people.. what they are doing...that's NOT true Islam. (and no I'm not muslim myself, but I've lived amongst these people for at least a decade, gives you plenty of time to pick up things)

Thus far 37 innocent people have lost their lives, and over 700 injured. All to show what, exactly?

I know a few people in UK...one about 80 miles from London, he's safe...Jay's bro is ok as well...couple more seem to be safe.

no idea where Taylor/Dan is though... I've not seen him on all day, and frankly I'm more than just a little worried about him right now...hoping he's okay...

Edit: 2223 Dan's safe.. thank God! He just logged onto IRC. :: breathes sigh of relief::
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