June 15th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Gee... Ya think?!

Sagittarius: It is hard to move forward when part of you is stuck in the past.

Gee... Ya think?!

Past... C++.... ::twitch:: need to put way more effort into it...and slap myself everytime i sit infront of the compiler and loose interest/get frustrated because something isn't working right....
Daniel smirk


Must.. not.. play around with PHP...must.. get... ready .. for work... and C++ class... ::Twitches::

Why do I get these cravings to play around with stuff like this when I'm essentially short on time?! Trying to update the Horizon's website...now...Of all the times?! Aiya.. Hope this craving thing is still there when I come back from uni today...::crosses fingers::

Speaking oh php and such.. I'm using Notepad to edit the stuff, but I'd really like to dig up something that's quite more user friendly in terms of color coding various bits and pieces of the code ... not sure what though.. suggestions would be appreciated...