May 1st, 2005


Actual quotes from BMFM

No I didn't get bored, per se... I needed a lift of things, and some inspiration for my comm report, so what do I do? search for quotes and randomness...

Couldn't resist.. If you know Biker Mice from Mars, you'll find these hilarious, if you don't you will probably find them funny nevertheless...Key in point: their "catchphrase" is "Let's Rock'n'Ride!"

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Man I miss that show.. too bad it's not on DVDs.....
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:: Does a jig :: Yeeehaaaaw!!


Browsed onto SHowtime's site to check the listings because I've not gotten the TV Guide yet...
Today's listings for TV Land:
Smash-hit spin-off from the blockbuster movie. A special squad is formed to explore the universe via a set of Stargates that appear to exist throughout the galaxy. Sci-fi action with Richard Dean Anderson.


:: dances, hugs her Daniel :: I've no idea which season it is, but what the hey! W00t!

now the sad part is it's likely I've seen these before, but hey.. and it's likely I'll miss tonight's ep because I'm stuck at work and in the management team meeting until 2200 today... but they repeat stuff in the morning, at 0400 is this one I think.. I'll catch it then.
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