April 17th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Wow.. finally received new shelves at the library, so was quite a busy day... X_x moving books and setting stuff up, still have to do several bays tomorrow to space the stuff out. it's quite erfy... gotta space it just right, otherwise some bays end up too stuffed (like the law and the computer programming and finance sections )

I'm sorta pondering the stuff in my head right now, wondering what'll be better off where and how much stuff oughta be on each shelf and such...since I know the books quite well...I know the programming section is going to be annoying to do since both the bays that carry that are stuffed to the fullest...>.< bummer...

I've done the 700 to 999 section today. ( I know kinda starting work from the back, but it's kinda easier that way, you do a little from the back and alittle from the front of the collection and merge the two together in the middle. I got the 001 - 300 mapped out, pretty much. 331 and 340s will be annoying... 400s, let's just not go there... rest if fairly easy aside 658.049; that section is STUFFED UP! come to think of it so it 658.3 and 658.4012... hummm.....
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