March 29th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Found my old school books..... ^_^ changed lightbulbs in my room, at least now I can see what I'm doing with the lights on at night.. (yeah.. before it was like.. lights on, but I still had to get a flashlight to see some stuff in my room...high ceilings + 60W lightbulbs pointing at the ceiling, course the light isn't gonna reach the floor....) using those energy saving bulbs.. they're quite bright ^^

Might've caught a bug somewhere..(cleaning room/from Richard.. dunno..) But I've been kinda under the weather... Richard's still sick, although I played with him today and he was responding to me.. so it's a good sign.

Oh and just a wee note.. I'm not longer associated with SGO. It's not going anywhere, and I decided to concentrate on the Midas Array more, especially now that we've got a Sci-Fi Database hack installed on there, where I'm planning on hosting a fan fic/article relating to sci fi shows archive of sorts.....
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