March 22nd, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Why is it when your day is filled with stuff to do, you somehow manage to do a few extra things somewhere in between for which you couldn't find the time to do earlier on? I managed to post on two simms I'm in, on which I've not posted in quite some time because of the uni work and other stuff I had to do...granted did those two in my accounting lab, I managed to finish off my work faster than the rest, because I type faster, so I kinda decided to post. One post is four pages long, and the other one's about two. Plus did some work on a few fics...

Funny thing -- my day's so stuffed today I'm not sure when to fit in LUNCH! >.< :: twitch :: might order something in at work, I guess
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

To CO or not to CO....

OKay you know me being on a bit of a creative streak today....I'm on two simms in BravoFleet...posted there two days in succession now. (my longest run was 12 days , one post every day (I'm talking 2-page posts minimum) on one simm)

Today got tempted to join a third one... OR ... get my own command of a Defiant class or an Intrepid class. (Defiant class called USS Sioux and Intrepid class called USS Horizon) I'm seriously thinking it over.... I've been a Commanding Officer before, on numerous occasions even, but that was a few years ago. Mack thinks I can do it, he's seen me post on Atlantis. He's willing to fore-go the "you must be in BF for 6 months before you can be a CO" rule because he's seen me 'in action' on Atlantis. and provided I go to the CO academy...

As tempting as it sounds, I don't know... it is a lot of work, and you have to have a team of players that support you and whom you support. They are not easy to find...So you don't constantly run around poking people to post, so they won't look at it like a chore but rather look at it like it's a fun thing to do...

I've had my share of experiences, both good and bad with these sorts of things. and that's exactly what turned me off simming in the first place. A good CO isn't the only thing that a ship needs, a ship needs a good crew to support the CO, otherwise it's all nonesense and crud....

Lightly lost there on what to I'm thinking. hold on.. you got tons of stuff to handle already, when will you have time to do this? But looking at the other side, the busier I am, the faster I get stuff done....(because I'm not putting it off until the last day...unless it's a social life! LOL not that I care much about having one right now anyway)

Granted it's not a live simm, forum based most likely; so it's okay provided I can find time to post once/twice a week.

Um... ya.... Defiant or Intrepid... :: runs around in circles pondering that one ::
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