March 21st, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Report submitted. ^^

came home earlier today, was totally pooped, because of the allergies and the silly weather over here... it's freezing again.. in the MIDDLE OF MARCH! So what'd I do? took meds and took a nap... was a good decision though. Feel way better now than I did in the morning...

Installed Norton System Works 2005 on my lap top.I didn't have an Anti virus on there, and even though I'm not exactly planning on connecting it to the Internet, I may still have to at one point or another, not to mention is I'm plugging in USB Flash Disks in there, who knows... might've picked something up at uni, although UOW seems to be allright in terms of viruses, it's the KaZaA and other assorted P2P programs people use to download crud that gets the bandwidth....

midterms after the break next week...April.. ^^ yay.. I guess.. if I study a chapter a day I should be okay.
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