March 19th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

:: falls back :: when will he learn to give an advanced warning?

I'm done with Darky's stuff... :: dance :: now if he only learns to let me know well in advance of the day the thing's due instead of a day before...I better get a good grade for that...! man I better get my name stamped on that postgrad degree there at the rate I'm going! sheesh...

can't do any of my own stuff now because I'm pooped.. been up since 6 am brain refuses to work any further, coffee or no coffee.. at least the Gannt chart's done, now it's just mostly the writing part, which i just need to expand on...and need to meddle with a few things to edit them out as well...

me go to bed now... :: twitches, flops over :: X_x
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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okay...bunch of here being weird = I get slighlty whacked out thanks to allergies...yeah they're back.. with a vengeance.. darned weather... i'm gonna head to bed after I finish this entry. wonder what is up with the weather.. it's fine one day and then it rains in the evening... was cloudy/sunny today...

didn't do much for mom's birthday aside a dinner at home with food ordered from Hatam (local Iranian restaurant) not much on celebrations, yeah...granted Darky spoiled dad's mood by not telling him he ordered parts for today then calling him up to tell him to pick them up like.. NOW...when dad's in the middle of something else...swear Darky needs to learn to tell people what's going on, we are not mind readers, granted his isn't that hard to read...git's in class right now.. wonder what i'll get for that assignment.. heh..

still gotta finish off bits and pieces of the report we gotta hand in on Monday, but I think it's okay for most part. just gotta fix the Gannt chart and add in the bios for people in the company we created for this project of ours...
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