March 17th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Installed parking sensors on my xA today...took about 2 hours there...4 rear parking sensors, and two forward. then the sandstorm started.... oi... :: twitches :: was that forecast? Nope? what was the forecast? "sunny and warm" ya....

must... hide... car keys from Darky... he took my xA out for a ride without tellin' me today... ::glare:: he's got a car, use that! geez.. he don't like me taking his stuff why's he takin' mine?

and the nit's running around grabbing at his hair cuz he's got a final in two weeks and has yet to open a book as he confessed to dad.. uh huh.. see what happens when you go out 6 nights a week and sleep till way past midday almost every day?

Mom's birthday on Saturday... me and dad are going in half and half for a gold and diamong ring and necklace and ear rings set that she had her eyes on since January...

battling on and off with installing photoshop, downloaded two key generators/activation codes generators and they don't seem to work...DLing a version of Photoshop via Torrent...maybe the CD I got is mucked up...

edit: or maybe I'm just not destined to have Photoshop... darned Torrent file didn't have the installation file but it had the data files... oy vey..
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