February 23rd, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Whoa......I need an IV with coffee I think

Wow it's gonna be a funny day today....woke up at.. wait.. I didn't really sleep that much at all so got up about an hour ago...my right hand is totally uncooperative with me when it comes to holdin' stuff... got the wrist support on now, will take it off when we get to Al Ain. Right now I don't wanna drop anything vital 'ere...

and my eyes are like .... whoa.. fuzzy vision......O_O;

I so need my coffee right now...
Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Jebel Hafeet : Grand Mercure hotel thing for the retreat

It's on top of a mountain!!! I love that! (when there aren't any mountain goats....)

Beutiful place! I wish I'd have taken my camera to snap a few pictures on the way there.

We drove into Oman on the way back though... :: sweatdrop :: hee hee.. oh well.. you don't need a Visa to go there, technically speaking. but it was quite funky to suddenly see non-UAE related ads and whatnot...

A bunch of piccies from The Mercure's site...

I'm taking the camera next time around though... the drive up the mountain alone is well worth it! The view from the top is like you're in an aircraft flying over the mountain...it's so high up that your ears kinda plug up whilst you're driving there.

We met the manager of the hotel.. French dude... (I was amazed I still remember French... heee)

Had plenty of coffee...well... 3 cups....not to say I didn't eat, I did... we had a lunch at the hotel before going back to Dubai.
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