February 11th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Erf.... *twitch*

Wow.. talk about sleeping in.... O_O

I've been up for about twenty minutes..never slept in so late... 11am.. sheesh...granted may have something to do with coming home around midnight again...

And we've had a power shourtage yesterday....maybe a powerspike, but missed Megas because the VCR was probably off at the time... naturally PC and all went boom as well.. ::grumble:: and because we weren't home, the emergency generator that's linked up to the main computer needs a recharge. Aiy.. it probably recharged overnight or something.... I'm not entirely sure how long it takes, this is the first time it's power was depleted completely.

Dad's friends leave today, his other friends and my grandma are supposed to come sometime soon.. not sure when. The guy's down with the flu at the moment so he can't come now. Go figure.

And ::looks at an e-mail:: lead section rehearsal tomorrow at 1000, means I have to get on the 0600 bus...no way the bus'll make it on time if I get on the 0900 bus. we're having a morning one and an evening rehersal now, since some people (like me..) have difficulty with the evening ones.
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Cleaned up my room somewhat. Dusted and stuff arranged mainly ...cleaned up my PC as well. Defragged and stuff sorted out; programs that I'm not using removed. I know I'm just putting off a reformat here... but meh.. Downloaded more wallpaper to my phone.

Darky got some big assignment thing due next week; guess who gets to do the research and write the thing up? :: points to self :: yup.

For some weird reason I got a rash on my neck... it's reddish tiny spots that itch like heck! Wonder what happened there, and where I got it from... oy...

Dad's other friend and my grandma are coming out on the 18th...19th is the day I gotta go back to Sharjah Police to renew my licence (for 10 years this time, hopefully; which reminds me need passport sized photos, only got two left, they'll need 4 for some reason...)

Dad agreed to drop me off at uni/section rehearsal tomorrow, so I won't have to go by the 0600 bus.. yay...
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