February 5th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

um.. what..?

Dad's Friends just left, they're in the country until this Tuesday/Wednesday...not sure how long they've known eachother to be honesst...but yeah....

I keep gettin' asked when I'm gonna visit 'em..and when I'm gonna get a boyfriend/get married... O_O people! HELLO?! is that the only darned thing girls are born to do?!
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Uni madness

okay.. so YAY! I can take ACCY231, because as a non-business student I don't need ACCY102 before I can take ACCY231. So that means I'm taking three this semester.... ACCY231, BUSS312, and CSCI124.

and after that I only have one subject left in order to complete my degree...(hopefully anyway! I don't wany any slaps in the face that say "wait you've not taken that one and you really NEED to take it") Hopefully Nawar can make it so that I can take the subject during the summer instead of wait until September... X_x

Time table sucks though, even if I'm taking a lighter load this time around...

Saturday -> BUSS312 Lecture 1530 - 1730
Sunday -> ACCY231 Lecture 1230 - 1430 , CSCI124 Lecture 1430 - 1530 (actually 1330 - 1530 , but I can't make the first half because of the clash with ACCY and I don't know if they can change that...)
Monday -> BUSS312 Tutorial 1130 - 1230
Tuesday -> ACCY231 Lab 0830 - 1030 , CSCI124 Lecture 1030 - 1230 , CSCI124 Lab 1430 - 1630
Wednesday -> ACCY231 Tutorial 1630 - 1730

The one hour classes on Monday and Wedneday aren't that good, as it takes me an hour and a half to two hours to get to uni, and same amount to get back (depending on the traffic, and with all the contruction and detours you can't make it there in under an hour anymore...), so I'll be wasting time there...Albeit I guess I can squeeze in work somewhere, I need to talk to the guys at the library to see about my hours with this schedule...I take it I'm going to be on the evening shift a lot this semester.... X_x

Here's hoping I really *am* getting closer to finishing my degree...about time too...
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