February 4th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Hacking TMA with Dave... well I just added the quotes and warnings after Dave installed the hacks... ^^ but yeah.. and hanging up more frames and stuff at home.. plus seemingly CONSTANTLY washing the dishes! geez... mom finds weird times to tell me that we need to put up pictures and whatnot...

Darky was all ranty today..guy was like "don't you think that there are other people in the house who also eat?" well if you didn't sleep until 3PM....for starters.. second of all, I'm a vegeterian, I don't eat meat, so if he don't have food in the fridge, then he's the one who oughta worry about gettin' it! (inidentally my parents were out getting food, but Darky got hungry at 3PM, so go figure...) he's like "I WANT FOOD NOW!" geez.. order a pizza or KFC or McDs! but no.. he's sick of fast food, but he wants a quick fix to eat, and he doesn't want anything canned.. fine.. EAT ROCKS! GEEZ! they're ready to eat! just find one, pick it up and eat it! aiy! I swear I could barely keep myself from laughing, at the way he kept going about it! no he don't want canned food but he wants food to be ready in a flash but he don't want fast food either, so yeah... I guess I'll just have to use magic like I always do so by the time he walks into the kitchen everything's on the table and ready to be eaten!

Company over, dad's friends... I gotta keep up appearences... ::grumble ::

Tomorrow: back to uni....I gotta catch nawar and Cedwyn regarding my... schedule... *ahem* nuts..
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