January 19th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Daily rambles.....

in any case, went to a massage thing today; spine/back was being a bugger because of all the running around and writing assignments and whatnot I did over the last few weeks due to exams and final projects and such....so that at least got sorted out

I'm thinking my right wrist could be genetic bone problem because my mom has issues with her bones as well. (as does my grandmother, but I've no idea if it could be so early in one's lifetime...) I should lay off my wrist for a bit there... and for some weird reason the two last fingers on my left hand are sorta, they don't bend all the way in, so i can't squeeze much of anything. (d'oh) if it's the weather... urgh...

and no, don't want an expert opinion just yet...it could be just the weather....once it passes the nosebleeds will stop (hopefully), and I know my right wrist has problems on and off...I'm kinda used to it unless it bugs me a lot and *really* gets in the way of me doing something (i.e. I can't do it at all). so far it's under control for most part, just a bit... annoying...as I gotta lighten up a bit on things.

Wrist support minimizes the problem for a bit until it's under control...oh well...Megas is on in 15 minutes
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