January 16th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Okay so... LJ down.. wow.. I didn't update on one day... heh..

but um... yeah.. been busy after finals actually.. writing a few articles for a journal that's going to be published sometime soon. I'm so trying to keep my cynical side at bay, but so far, no luck...it just HAS to come out... darn it..>.< well not that that's a bad thing, really. Depends on the case I guess.

What've I been doing on my 'first vacation day' ? considering that I got a sore throat, had a headache since morning and been feeling generally blah, I've not done much aside lie in bed and watch NCIS episodes I taped after we finished RPing in the room...Sort of been in and out on AceIRC as well.

Now scouring the web for Megas stuff... images, sounds, wallpapers, quotes... not easy to find.... aiy... suppose it's probably because it still haven't yet caught on fully...
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