January 6th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Been shifting through my CDs, deleted most stuff from my MP3 player, because I mucked up a few things whilst transferring stuff from the hard drive back when my old Nomad died (it put the genre as [NONE], and the artist names near the albums, which messed up the order of things) so I'm re-transferring everything at the moment...using the blue dot labels I got to tell me which CDs I've done which one I've yet to do... I'm weird yes...darned librarian in me I guess.. gotta keep everything organized to an extent...

and must make a CD list as well.. I keep a DVD list, may as well make a CD list, but I'll keep that for a rainy day, unless i get the urge to do it now.. :: twitch::

CDs transferred so far: 28
CDs yet to be transferred: 200+

I have a LOT of CDs yeah... granted most of them are compilations that I bought at discount rates here.. $5 a CD or so... and that's a collection spanning throughout the ten years I've been here, so 200+ CDs isn't so bad for a personal CD collection...

You take one look at my CD colleciton, you'd never guess it belongs to a 21-year old... (well aside Bryan Adams, and Bon Jovi albums.... :P )

aaaand my FireFox tabs and bookmarks went walkin' again.... :: beat FireFox :: GIVE 'EM BACK!