December 29th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Managed to almost catch up with NCIS.... under a blanket.....I'm wearing two pairs of pants... wolly socks.... 4 shirts (2 sweaters 2 shirts) and a pair of gloves (yes I got a pair! typing with gloves on is.. funny... but possible) and I'm still freezing my butt off! oy!

Aiy....can't be's...though yeah it didn't rain today... rather windy and a small sandstorm (any sand that's not wet got thrown around a bit) but it's still windy...strong bursts here and there... which will explain a colder feel of the temperature than it really is.. weather forecast sas it's 63, feels like 55 to be honest....

and the cold's driving me nuts... my right hand's cold despite the gloves...allergies under control for now, which is a good thing I suppose.. well aside one small mishap in the morning... allergy eyedrops + empty stomach = not good for me.. forgot the magic rule..aiy...
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