December 19th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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One class got cancelled, I'm not sure where the instructor went off to..but oh well.. breather for me.. can get my bearings back and at least recall the songs we're supposed to sing tonight ^

meme, that's not SG1 related for a change....

janeway wallpaper
You are Captain Janeway!
One of Starfleet's finest Captains, your style isunique in that you encapsulate the spirit of the Federation's highest ideals. Out in the Delta Quadrant, you came across more unknowns than any other officer in Starfleet. Your victories over the Borg Queen several times, as well as species 8472, have marked you as one of the most innovative Captains in Starfleet history. This is partly due to your ability to think "outside the box". Your crew will not only die for you, they will and have been to the ends of the Galaxy with you.

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Which Starfleet Captain Are You?
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Janeway? Heh.. not sure if that's good or bad... ^^
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