November 26th, 2004

Daniel research

Stargate fan fic ideas....

OKay I've been toying around with an urge to write a Stargate fan fic for quite some time now...but.. I'm still not sure of plot ideas and such..

All I know if it oughta take place somewhere between season 1 and 6.....I'm not quite sure what to do/write about any ideas? anything you'd like to have seen/done?

I'm kinda picky that way is that I'd like fan fics to be tied in as close to the canon series for most part as I can (at least at the beginning of writing my own series anyway, sorta like a season of the show in itself, which can tie into the actual show at a later stage, yes it's not easy, but 's how I'd like it done )...and I wouldn't want to do anything with season 8 as I've not seen that yet.. hence the seasonal limitations....

I was thinking of playing around with having Jonas and Daniel on SG1 between 'Fallen' and 'Homecoming' but that's a two parter, and Jonas goes back at the end of 'Homecoming' >.< So there's no "in between" place where they can sorta get to know eachother and be on the same team. I could however write in missing scenes for those two though....but then it would not be a long fic it'll be a series of short ones for those particular episodes.

Was also thinking of having the ascended Daniel come visit Sam, but she was surprised to find out Jack and Teal'c seen him, so that kinda goes outta the window...

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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

ME Network disturbed?

OKay so it may not be just the ISP that's being a pain... phone network seems to be wonky too...and not just here in UAE, apparently.. had a bud SMS me with a late Birthday Greeting, she told me that she's been trying to reach me for a few days now with no results.. obviously I didn't know until today morning.. so yeah.. she says networks are kinda weird in Egypt and Jordan as well, but Spain works okay, so it could be the entire Middle Eastern network that's been disturbed (wonder why).
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