October 27th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Moving the library : Day 1

Moving the library for the second time in less than half a year... this better not become a habit.. O_O;

packed up last of books down at Beach Road library, closed it down finally, brought the books back to KV, integrated that into the existing collection....packed up CDs and videos and folders... Movers didn't come today >.< they were supposed to... we ran out of boxes, only had 9, and those where the ones Jane brought back from beach road...

Hopefully they'll come tomorrow...

Meanwhilst spent the rest of the time changing materials from Main beach Road to Main... went through about 30 pages of records there, changing every single one of them...did that in... what? 3-4 hours? worked from 1030 until 1600 with a 'small' coffee break around 1200...then no lunch no nothing... was too busy changing material types and whatnot...but I think we got most of that weeded out.. just need to finish up audio cassettes tomorrow...I *think* that's all that's left.. I'm not 100% sure about the actual books that came from beach road, gotta ask Jane that one tomorrow... but in any case, the movers should be coming tomorrow... granted they should've been coming today, but didn't.. so go figure...

and.. wow... I'm actually spending more time "in life" than online.. howzat...? O_O;;;
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