September 20th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Oh great...

Oh great.. guess what song I have stuck in my head now... 'Open Road' by BA. Not that that's a bad thing ^^ it's not, really!

They played it twice on the radio today, new single.. of course the album's still not out here yet.. :: grumbles :: but, I'm waiting ^^ few more days won't kill me I'm sure.. tho' that's debatable... :: sweatdrop::

great when I make new filters for my e-mail to automatically delete anything that has the word [***SPAM***] in there (as pre-set by the filter on our e-mail server/main computer here at home to recognoze spam from legit e-mail, it doesn't catch everything, but out of the 100+ messages i get a day, 90% of them are marked with that tag, so it's okay...) I get no's like they're watching me ^^ set up new filters, you get no spam mail...otherwise you get about 2-3 every minute... :: grumbles :: that's just... I don't know... :: laff ::
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

No spam whatsoever over the last hour! It's....almost... like they know.. O_O;;; oh well I shouldn't complain... at last I started getting legitimate e-mail, e-mail that I can actually reply to. Most of it is chorus correspondence now that I'm on the Management Teambecause I'm the Ops team leader (temp or not, it shall be decided on the next team meeting which is next week) and there are decisions to be made by the team and since we can't all meet everyday, e-mail's the best course of communication here.

I still want more legitimate e-mail that I can reply to, considering that I love writing ^^ eh heh.. I'm so lame...

Spent the last hour setting up rank sets for TMA; but at least they look spiffy now ^^ 7 sets so far, all seven are now organized in seperate threads, each set is posted according to how many posts you have and which rank pip you get and what's the's a little thing, really; but nevertheless it's quite helpful to the others... much like at the library we have to put the subject headings and the topics discussed in a book, however tiring/time consuming it is to us, it's helpful for the library users as they can search the catalogue more efficiently and thoroughly.

Now I'm gonna go finish off that chapter I started for in IACT302 so I won't have to rush through it next week before the lecture.

Waiting for the Systems Analysis prof to put the slides up, I want to use the diagrams in there for my notes. They're from the book and sum up parts of the sections quite well so I want to add those to my notes instead of drawing them myself as that's too much copying, and it's too time consuming, really... and I suck at drawing most stuff...

Chorus practice tomorrow.. yay.. not quite sure how I'm gonna get back home, but I'll figure something out, somehow...
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