August 28th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

This Tuesday

gah... full day...I called up to ask whether I got one book or more as I wasn't sure with the recent events and such I'm lucky to have my head on okay; and Jane said I got only one and asked me if I could work an extra few hours at Beach Road on Tuesday so they can have their team meeting...

so here's my updated schedule for Tuesday...

0845-1030 Marketing Final Exam
(1030-1100 Get to Beach Road)
1100-1300 Work at the library down at Beach Road
(1300-1330 Get back to KV)
1345-1530 C++ Final Exam
1600-1800 Work at the libary down at Knowledge Village

Not to forget to squeeze in lunch somewhere there too...I'll probably order Subway after 4PM...and grab a bite whilst I'm at BR...
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