July 25th, 2004

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Aight.. Jeep's ready...(good bye hundred bucks) Dad and Darky gonna pick it up, then I'm gonna go to uni on my own.. dad was gonnad rop me off since they can't spare the MR-V (or since dad thinks it's too big for me :: shakes head:: )

My knee still bugs me... not to the same extent it did on Thursday/Friday/Saturday, but it's bluer than before O_O which is.. odd... ehrm...

wha else? I wanna sleep.. for a week or something.. heh..

In other news.. I'm so lost in C++ :: staare ::
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Musings of a weirdo (re: new car)

Whoops.. there goes 123 bucks ^^ at least the grille's straightened out now.. dad's like "if that wasn't there you'd have to pay lots more" I just went 'duh' in my mind... yeah Jeep's insured but they aren't gonna cover any damages because it's old

one more reason why I want a car with a grille up front.. those things are livesavers at times!

This be it
Except it has the spare on the back, and the color is more silvery than this...

Honda CR-V looking more appealing...

Specs and virtual tour here -> http://www.hondauae.com/english/section.aspx?id=1267

now if it didn't cost $22K; that's about the only set back.. okay okay so dad's willing to buy a car for me, but I don't wanna freeload off of 'em.. and there's no way I can repay 'em this sort of money unless I get a job that pays a few thousand bucks a month at least....

I want a Hummer, but those things are gonna be outta my range for quite some time... or make that quite a LONG time.. heh
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Durr... ya know... I'm quite positive by now that programming languages like C++ and whatnot are definitely NOT for me! I get the theory but I don't get the actual programming bits and pieces when trying to implement said theory..
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Eeek! Season 8 Stargate


Waiting to be picked up by dad (no didn't take the Jeep today, dad's not too keen on letting me drive yet.. oy)

Thanks to sg1clari for providing me with links where I can D/L the latest SG eps! :: huggles muchly::

At last I won't be completely lost when looking at the forums with people talking about the latest episodes and such!
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