June 18th, 2004

Daniel research


got dragged out again.. by parents.. to Wafi City this time...nothing but over priced clothes and shoe shops...ugh...

Slipped off for a few by myself, and I got "Bon Jovi : This Left Feels Right Live" DVD from Music Master! Okay I gotta stretch my phone credit for the rest of the month, but I figure 10 bucks outta last me until the end of the month...Anyway...I open the DVD up at home and hello... 2 Disks... one's the live performance and the other's a Bonus DVD...gonna check 'em out tomorrow ^^

Speaking of tomorrow.. have to change the brake pads on the Jeep and 'change' the brake liquid whilst I'm at it...brakes got a little slow-responding....I'll do that in the morning, early, before the sun gets to me.... yes I actually do this sorta work on the car myself... no sense trusting 'the experts' they muck up more than they fix here... it's a ploy I tell you! they fix one thing, and 'accidentally' loosen something else so you have to come back to them again...I'm thinking, if it's something I can do myself, then I'll do it...

Then I gotta do C++ reading and Marketing reading/review, but that can wait until Tuesday....C++ can't, I got the class on Sunday.. :: grumble ::

Wha else? I dunno...uh.. I just stopped thinking now.. O_O
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