June 16th, 2004

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Fingers on my right hand are acting up for some reason... :: twitch :: like the nerves are stretched too far or something and they won't bend anymore.. OY.. I'm hoping it's not the effects of that shock i received from the power outlet a couple of weeks ago.. shouldn't be, but I don't know... O_O
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

augh... :: pull at hair :: quit draggin' me out!

Got dragged out by parents.. to BurJuman... :: fall over :: I hate getting dragged out to places which favour clothes and shoes...

Did buy a pair of shoes tho'...but it didn't take me 2 hours to find them! I walked in, looked around, picked up a pair, tried them on, and got 'em.. I dont' spend hours looking at every pair of shoes I see and trying 'em on and not ending up buying anything... however to satisfy mom...I dunno she thinks I like high heels (uh.. gee.. would that be the reason I don't have a pair of high heels? cuz I LOVE them so much?! ) or ones on really really high soles.. I hate those, easiest way to break an ankle, and frankly difficult to drive in... sure you're actually taller, but wait until you break an ankle...and try driving in high heels...! OY!

I don't know it's not that I don't have patience with shopping for clothes and shoes, it's just that... I see the way mom does it and half the other ladies out there and.. I dunno.. I'm different.. I don't have to feel every single piece of fabric look it over in my hands try it on and put it back on the shelf/hanger...I can sorta tell just by looking at it.. saves hecuva lot of time on that! takes me 2 minutes to buy something wheras it can take mom ages to buy something...and it's not that the (hasty) choices I make in the end are wrong or something....they fit perfectly and they look great IMHO....I dunno I'm weird that way...

I know some would kill for this sort of weirdness...I'd rather hit a bookshop or an electronics store than waste an exta minute in a clothes/shoe store... TYVM....
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