June 8th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

LJ Icons

Need.. more.. Daniel LJ icons.. need to start makin' em... oy... long haired Daniel and short haired Daniel.. Daniel has got some funny expressions in some episodes.. I gotta do more screencaptures.. I love the "Daniel raised eyebrows" one I got where he's sorta going "eh-wha?" don't remmber where that was from....I really don't.. OY
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Daniel smile


w00t! Got a small promo at the library ^^ in terms of patron type.. I'm not listed as a student anymore, I'm listed as non-academic staff.. which means I now have unlimited borrowing limit on the number of items I can borrow at a time and I can set my own due date.. WHOOOHOOO! :: dance ::

Yeah I get excited by the trivial things ^^
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