June 5th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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:: sweatdrop:: been up and asleep throughout the night...once cuz mom walked in and turned my A/C down to NorthPole setting... 77F(25C) is chilly for me...especially the way this thing blows... OY! Mom set it down to 75.5F(24C)! Woke up shivering at around 2 am, turned the A/C off slept without it until 4, woke up then turned it back on to the temp I prefer 78-80F (26-27C)

Now I gotta runny nose and watery eyes...and a sore throat to boot :: grumble:: thank you mother. if I can't sing on the 11th I'll know who to pin this one on... :: grumble::

Now working on the Rules and Regs for the SGC RP... they're in the need of a complete overhaul and my mind can't seem to think straight enough to come up with coherent sentences.. wonder why that is.. I need coffee.. yes!
Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Darky's assignment

Sheesh... 13 pages of utter crud that barely makes sense... okay he's got graphs in there as well as text, but text is so confusing it's like... Awk! :: tug at hair:: ended up re-writing most of it....

And this is the guy who got an A in ENG101?!? incredible! what did he do sleep with the instructor?!
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Catching up whilst I still have the chance to catch up.... watched 10 episodes today.. (whoo!)
- Ascension
- The Fifth Man
- Red Sky
- Rite of Passage
- Best of Burden
- The Tomb
- Between Two Fires
- 2001
- Desperate Measures
- Wormhole X-Treme

I love the lines in there, I swear! Some of the funniest dialogue I've heard on a TV Show is from Stargate! Of course they sound better with the cast and acting in there ^^

K'Tano: I honor he who would kill his god. And to his brethren of the Tau'ri, slayers of Ra, Hathor, Satesh, Heru'ur, Sokar, Cronus and Apophis.
Jack O'Neill: Well... somebody's been keeping score!
Daniel: I just hope we don't regret giving them those gate addresses.
Jack O'Neill: I don't think we will... the first one being a black hole, and all. They get progressively darker after that.

Colonel Harry Maybourne: Gonna turn me in?
Jack O'Neill: Actually, that overwhelming desire to shoot you has come back.
Kree, Lord Apophis. I am Selmak of the Tok'ra, commander of this ship. [Selmak]
Commander? [O'Neill]
You want to bicker about rank now? [Jacob]

Uh, wait a second. I don't know if you've checked your dashboard here, but we're both way off course. [Daniel]

I'm enjoying their style. Shoot first, send flowers later. It works. [O'Neill]

You'll forgive me for holding out hope a little longer. SG-1 has a surprisingly good habit of beating the odds. [Hammond]

He still got his fanny whooped. [O'Neill]

You know how to have a good time, don't you? [O'Neill]
Having a good time now, Sir. [Carter]
You go, girl. [O'Neill]

I distinctly remember someone saying, "We're not going to make it." I think we made it. [O'Neill]
I'm sorry. I overreacted. At the time, it looked very much like we weren't going to make it. [Jacob]
Yes, well, maybe next time, you'll just wait and see. [O'Neill]
And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right? [Jacob]
Welcome to *my* life. [Carter]

Uh, engine room, this is peltac. Engine room, come in immediately. [Daniel]
I think we've left him in charge once too often. [Jacob]

Oh and.. Daniel has been shot with a zat too many times.... dang...th' guy has been through everything but a Goa'uld implantation! Sheesh!
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