May 30th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Workee....:: pause :: D'oh!

In the library down at beach road.. another hour and I'll be on the bus to go to KV....

Yay... ^_^; Beach Road's more... well less hectic actually.. I get a chance to sit down!

At KV it's rare that I actually get to sit down because there's so much to do! Granted out collection down at KV is way way way way bigger than the one at Beach oughta be..

Course the catalogue down here is about as slow as my *HAH* DSL connection at home! (because the Winnebago server is all the way at KV)

tomorrow...tomorrow...:: twitch :: I so don't remember what I have to do... braindead... OY...complete blank even.... maybe it's because i haven't eaten anything since 1130ish....?

and guess who forgot to bag 'er lunch today..that's right.. Jessie.. :: beat self onna wall ::

Another geniously brilliant move by yours if I actually needed to LOOSE weight instead of gain it..... :: sweatdrop ::
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

I love my work? why YES!

Aiye.. I'm so.. weird.. I bring work home....brought home three floppies to copy to CDs because I didn't have time to do them at work....

Just leave me there at the library, and I'd spend the night shelf checking, cataloguing, spine labelling, and barcoding materials ^^
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