May 18th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Oy vey...I don't feel like doing anything today.. dunno.. must be allergies as well as the fact that my wrists are going bonkers.. I'm not even onna computer that much... heh.. oy.. I gotta keep my wrists safe before the finals.. otherwise I'm not gonna be able to write anything... :: Sweatdrop::

Chorus practice throat's a little rough... there's a bug going around here, must've caught it partially anyway... keeel it.. keel it!
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Chorus rehearsal and.... stuff

Chorus rehearsal went quite well.. actually made me feel better.. ^^

my eyes are too stressed out tho'... vision's a tad fuzzy.. stupid allergies! Thought taking easy would be better... wasn't on the computer as much (hence the "Away" signs and post-its on ICQ and AIM) apparently that made it even worse, eyes itching now.. and eyedrops just make it easier only until they dry out... hmm... curious thing to note that one....

Extra rehearsal on Friday... 1000 till 1500... dad may actually LET me drive there on my own! O_O (maybe he was sleepy when I asked him, so he just went 'yeah yeah sure') course mom is like "make sure you dont' run red lights, catch any radars, drive carefully, pay attention, dont' drive too fast" and a whole bunch of other things that I'd never do! (she thinks I'm reckless, think driving is a game, and etc....see..)

mrrr.. off to bed now... double shift at work tomorrow.. ^_^
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