May 5th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Lesse....three shifts at work and a chorus meeting w/no breaks in between since 10AM....

Came to uni, worked from 1000 till 1200, got a call at 1100 from KV campus, they were wondering if I can do a few hours of work down there, I told them I'd do it after I get off at 1200 at beach road... got off at 1200... jumped onna bus to KV, got to KV at 1225, worked till 1430 at KV... grabbed a bus from KV back to beach Road campus, cuz you can't get a cab from KV... grabbed a cab from there to Kathy's place for the 1500 meeting.. stayed untill 1620, grabbed a cab back to KV... got to work from 1630 till 1830.. grabbed the bus back to beach Road, grabbed the bus back home...

Aiye...I need a car... at the very least!
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