April 19th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

what the..... (e-mail from public profile)

Got this in my e-mail

First lemme tell u my name,People call me Aamir,I am here in Dubai 2 years and working as a n Sales Engineer,There is nothing much abut me where i can describe abut myself,

Well, there's on old phrase ''One can't judge a book by its cover''. Thats me... one would never know much about me, until they decide to go further than the book review.

To sum it up, I'm a really cool person who loves to work and spend his leisure time indulging in adventure sports and working with under privelaged children. One could say 'I'm down to earth'. I treasure my friends and my family cauz they are everything in my lfe...

The rest I think, would be up to you to decide....

I am peening down this mail thinking that u will mail me back so that v can gud friends and my hunt to search a friend like u will come to an halt,If u really find me intersting pls mail me at dxb_dude@hotmail.com and i will c to dat i will definetely reply to u,till then u have gr8 day and have fun

That got the delete button faster than all the spam I receive..... ^_^
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


All right... colored my nails....(for tomorrow's photo shoot) vile make up day is tomorrow... as is an IACT301 midterm.... :: grumbles ::

VCR needs to go to the dealer, it's the motor and the guys I took it to don't have a spare one... so.. ya... gotta find the dealer in UAE and the service center... see what they'll say...probably charge me an arm and two legs...

I got a 6000 word report due next Monday for IACT304 and he just NOW told us what exactly he wants with it... :: grumbles:: must be a teachers' law or something... "don't tell students what you want until the deadline is a week away" addendum for the cynics "...cuz they never start it before then anyway!"
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