April 17th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Came back from machello's Didn't know Machie had a fish... and hamsters..

we played Game of Life (Wins 1:1) and Scrabble (I won! HAH!) did some brainstorming, may actually start learning the guitar together cuz it's one thing we both wanna do and since I can play the piano and whatnot... and yeah... group learnign thing, 's more fun than on your own; so we'll see how that goes if we ever start it up..

sunburn sucks! got my back and my legs burned yesterday at the beach.. I had my extra dark sunglasses on and a hat which kept me from getting my face burned as well as keeping my eyes reasonably less itchier... I still couldn't stay there longer than an hour... allergies play up when it's direct heat.... sheesh..

gave Richard a bath yesterday... he's so calm when I give him a bath.. it's almost scary... he just SITS there and lets me wash him....

now to do a few pages of reading and go to bed, I gotta get up early tomorrow!
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